The Energetic Chef – Nina

I’m just like any other young girl who grew up watching their grandmother cook. I was fascinated with dough. I wanted know how she always got the chicken and dumplings right without measuring anything at all. I really wanted to know how that peach cobbler always tasted the same. I mean it never skipped a beat.  And then it happened. I was a teenager and I was dating this guy. I wanted to cook him something so bad because I wanted to impress him. Me being an over-achiever, I wanted to make stuffed pork chops with pole beans and macaroni and cheese. I know what you are thinking….what?!? But seriously, lol.  She gave me one line that changed my outlook on life, and the dating game forever, “You know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”


Fast forward past 10 years in the military, a degree in Fashion Management, licensed Cosmetologist/Esthetician and every time I was upset I ended up in the kitchen. Every time I needed to process something or my next move, I was in the kitchen. I felt safe and secure with flames at 500 degrees and burning myself and creating dishes of various cultures and fun textures was a driving force in my career. So I took my crazy behind BACK to school to graduate top of my class in Culinard from Virginia College (Jacksonville Campus) underneath the direction of Chef Bob Henry.

While venturing into the world of Personal Chef/Catering,  I have gotten the opportunity to work with and meet some great people. Under the lead of Executive Chef Ted Peter, I  gained the position as a cook at One Ocean Resort & Spa in Atlantic Beach, Florida and now I currently hold the title of Sous Chef at the Melrose Hotel, Washington, DC. With 3 amazing children in tow, I can’t wait to see what else is in store on this amazing adventure in the culinary arts.