Society Lounge


Location: Silver Spring, MD12743969_1021517901240444_1244449722751067099_n

Inspiration: Caribbean-American

If you are ever inclined to take a scenic detour through the DMV area, Society Lounge is a stop you should definitely drop in on. Breath-taking views, conversation and buzz. The only place where I think they fell short is food and beverage which, of course, I wasn’t pleased about. And I don’t like to write in a ill-manner, however I must be honest.


Now, the space is amazing. I mean stunning from floor to ceiling. The Rooftop is a big focal point because you can practically see the entire city. It is an awesome space for meeting the girls (which we did) and catching up but the food and drink fell short. I asked what was the Chefs inspiration as far as the food was concerned and I was told it was some of the Owners favorite’s growing up as a child. And if anyone knows West-Indian food…it’s me. And I feel that the layering of flavors fell short. For instance, they have Caribbean Jerk Rolls. I said okay, let me try that. However, it is served with a Sweet Chili Sauce – which is Thai. The calamari is also served with Sweet Chili Sauce. I was just very confused by what was going on and still there was little to no flavor.

Try it out for yourself and tell me what you think. I was more impressed with the ambience and view which is always good. I hope that if the other partner does come back to join them, things change and the food matches the ambience.