Society Lounge


Location: Silver Spring, MD12743969_1021517901240444_1244449722751067099_n

Inspiration: Caribbean-American

If you are ever inclined to take a scenic detour through the DMV area, Society Lounge is a stop you should definitely drop in on. Breath-taking views, conversation and buzz. The only place where I think they fell short is food and beverage which, of course, I wasn’t pleased about. And I don’t like to write in a ill-manner, however I must be honest.


Now, the space is amazing. I mean stunning from floor to ceiling. The Rooftop is a big focal point because you can practically see the entire city. It is an awesome space for meeting the girls (which we did) and catching up but the food and drink fell short. I asked what was the Chefs inspiration as far as the food was concerned and I was told it was some of the Owners favorite’s growing up as a child. And if anyone knows West-Indian food…it’s me. And I feel that the layering of flavors fell short. For instance, they have Caribbean Jerk Rolls. I said okay, let me try that. However, it is served with a Sweet Chili Sauce – which is Thai. The calamari is also served with Sweet Chili Sauce. I was just very confused by what was going on and still there was little to no flavor.

Try it out for yourself and tell me what you think. I was more impressed with the ambience and view which is always good. I hope that if the other partner does come back to join them, things change and the food matches the ambience.





Two Urban Licks

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Location: Atlanta, GA(Virginia Highland Area)12743969_1021517901240444_1244449722751067099_n

Inspiration: Southern – Latin

Executive Chef: Michael Bertozzi

Oh me, oh my. I think I have a reason to continuously go visit Atlanta. I love food. But when you are able to see the passion of the food poured onto a plate..well, that’s a bite I will try over and over and over again….not to mention…the wine.


Born and raised Jacksonville native, Executive Chef Michael Bertozzi , has taken your taste buds to an entirely new level of ecstasy(wait….can I say that?!?) First he teases you with the atmosphere. Then he lures you in even more with the sounds of blues and jazz surrounding the walls. And right before he fills your stomach you are drowning in  the only wine on tap barrel wall in the United States.

wine on wall tap


His seasonal menu of various southern-latin fusion dishes will get you in a very relaxed and flavorful mood. The outside patio excites me tremendously. Who doesn’t mind eating with fresh air and beautiful people surrounding them?

With a ticket of $30-$75 per person, there’s something for everyone. Maybe you would enjoy the empanada, beautiful brisket with garlic cream and pico de gallo to start. Or the Tuna Tartare….lawwwddd, lol. And a wonderful entree of my liking is Mahi Mahi (I’m a big fish eater). The Mahi Mahi is seared with charred okra, crawfish and a delightful Old Bay butter. Now you can take my word for it, or go dive in for yourself. I am sure you will be pleased.



The Reef on the Water


Long Beach, CA

reef view

Inspiration: American, Seafood

Occasion: Wedding, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

An amazing view with very popular seafood dishes, restaurant pioneer David Tallichet made sure to leave his stamp right on the water (haha, you liked that didn’t you?). This 1958 Long Beach staple is sure to please the seafood. Now, this is not your typical seafood place. The menu looks amazing with a little hint of Italy with their various pasta dishes.

seared ahi tuna salad

Ahi Tuna Salad


This family owned and operated business, has been in the Long Beach waterfont since 1958. David Tallicher kept the business the same and even expanded later on so that they would be able to become one of the top venues in Long Beach to host Weddings and Birthday Parties.


There are ample servings, amazing views and their pineapple fried rice that can be topped shrimp or scallops looks absolutely stunning. The LA Fly Bellas Chapter is sure to have fun. Make sure that you sit outside so that you can enjoy the view.

pineapple rice and shrimp and scallops

Pineapple Fried Rice with Scallops and Shrimp




Inspiration: Turkish, Lebanese and Greek

Occasions: Date Night, Lunch Meetings, Ladies Social

From simply walking into this place you are transformed. If you have never been to Greece before and you want to just get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I would highly suggest Zaytinya. The customer service is outstanding from the hostess stand, to the handsome waiter who offered us water while we waited for our table to be seated.




Chef Jose Andres has done and outstanding job with this flavorful, cultural and fresh menu.  We sat a long family style table admiring our Greek cave home essence in the Gallery Place area blocks from the Verizon Center. The curtains were low and even though the restaurant had a nice healthy crowd, we felt very well taken care of.




The idea of clean, healthy eating among friends is awesome. And to know that none of your food is coming out of the can is also great. It is the best feeling to step away from the table and you don’t feel like you gained a pound. It actually made me happier. Or it could’ve been the Pom Fili. And amazing signature cocktail with white wine, vodka and pomegranate juice. Or maybe it was the fresh pita bread that is made in house.  With a price point ranging from $7 to $28 for food and a VERY extensive wine list, it is sure to please any wallet or palette.

This is a perfect place for a date, before a Washington Wizards game, a business meeting or even just a nice Saturday afternoon. They do offer Pre-Fixe Menus during brunch ($22.50) and dinner ($55) and it gives you a glimpse into the restaurants menu. A tour of the Mediterranean.

If you have been, please let me know about your experience. And share pictures.

~Chef Nina