Whoever decided to make April Grilled Cheese Month deserves an award. Well technically April 12 is Grilled Cheese Day but I eat whenever I have the urge. I am a soup lover so of course I need something to dunk in it other than crackers. Below I have listed some of my all-time ultimate grilled cheeses and which soups I would eat with them. Oh yes, food gawkers, get those cast iron skillets and Panini presses ready…..let’s eat.


caprese sandwich

The always gorgeous Caprese Sandwich. Buffalo mozzarella, beef or heirloom tomatoes, beautifully chiffonade basil and finished with a balsamic glaze. The type of bread is totally up to you however I have always liked a nice ciabatta loaf for this type of sandwich. Now…my soup of choice: A spicy chilled tomato bisque.

philly cheesesteak

The always appetizing Philly Cheesesteak. Now, before you go crazy I do consider this a full-course meal. Nothing is needed. Well maybe a napkin. For this version is it topped with smoked gouda and banana peppers. My soup of choice: Gazpacho. I feel like a nice gazpacho would match perfectly with this. I know it’s not “traditional,” but I’m cut from a different cloth.

turkey&avocado grilled cheese

I grabbed this lovely thang (yep, I put some stank on it) from TidyMom. And you know what pleased me even more….TURKEY BACON!!! Mozzarella, avocado, turkey bacon, cheese. How could you go wrong. My soup of choice: Potato & Leek Soup. This will warm the hearts of many. It is still flavorful but light enough not to over power your delicious sandwich.


govt grilled cheese

And last but not least…the gov’t cheese grilled cheese. Now if you have never had a gov’t cheese sandwich let me change your life for a second. This is better than any sandwich made for Elvis. This is the equivalent of the after school snack. I’m not really sure if it was cheese. I think it was 100% oil but it melted so beautifully that all the friends from around the way wanted one. Soup of choice: none. A bag of salty chips work perfectly for this.

What is your favorite grilled cheese sandwich??